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Anadarko Petroleum Corp Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
35-003-20199 Doramus /A/ Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-20212 Phillips /A/ Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-20222 Sloan /A/ Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-20253 Kiner B Alfalfa County
35-003-20264 Phillips A Alfalfa County
35-003-20503 Cross Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20579 Ridgeway /A/ Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20669 Castle B Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20721 Brown Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20843 Tucker /F/ Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-20932 George Alfalfa County
35-003-21011 Buchanan /A/ Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21262 Corbet 'A' Dry Alfalfa County
35-003-21265 Hopkins A Dry Alfalfa County
35-003-21325 Pelter A Dry Alfalfa County
35-003-21405 Baker B Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21408 Schanbacher A Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21435 Means B Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-21454 Thornburgh A Gas Alfalfa County
35-003-21461 McCrady B Dry Alfalfa County
35-003-21462 Weber A Dry Alfalfa County
35-003-21468 Equitable A Dry Alfalfa County
35-003-21487 Means F Oil Alfalfa County
35-003-21503 Syple A Dry Alfalfa County
35-007-21147 Overton Gas Beaver County
35-007-21303 Gregg /A/ Dry Beaver County
35-007-21314 Wright /A/ Oil Beaver County
35-007-21323 Riggs /A/ Dry Beaver County
35-007-21329 Jones /B/ Gas Beaver County
35-007-21334 Badger A Dry Beaver County
35-007-21359 Gregg /C/ Dry Beaver County
35-007-21448 Jones /E/ Dry Beaver County
35-007-21945 Barnes /D/ Beaver County
35-007-22000 Janzen A Oil Beaver County
35-007-22040 Cook /F/ Gas Beaver County
35-007-22080 Dorman A Oil Beaver County
35-007-22102 Amen A Oil Beaver County
35-007-22129 Dorman A Swd Beaver County
35-007-22197 King /E/ Gas Beaver County
35-007-22231 Beaver River/A/ Gas Beaver County
35-007-22356 Smith /S/ Gas Beaver County
35-007-22465 Betty Jo Oil Beaver County
35-007-22813 Farms Law Gas Beaver County
35-007-22842 Duerson A Gas Beaver County
35-007-22860 Smith Y Gas Beaver County
35-007-22911 Oklahoma State Dry Beaver County
35-007-23149 Randle B Dry Beaver County
35-007-23523 Lofland B Dry Beaver County
35-007-23551 Adams J Gas Beaver County
35-007-23844 Ellexson Gas Beaver County
35-007-23961 Bennett E Dry Beaver County
35-007-23992 Dale-A Beaver County
35-007-24053 Dale-A Dry Beaver County
35-007-24064 Radcliff-A Gas Beaver County
35-007-24191 Radcliff B Dry Beaver County
35-007-24246 Hodges B Dry Beaver County
35-007-24265 Hodges E Beaver County
35-007-24302 Hodges D Dry Beaver County
35-007-24322 Tretbar C Gas Beaver County
35-007-24364 Harryman Gas Beaver County
35-007-24366 Carson A Dry Beaver County
35-007-24373 Hodges D Dry Beaver County
35-007-24378 Hodges D Dry Beaver County
35-007-24399 Smith Trust Ae Dry Beaver County
35-007-24438 Smith Trust Ai Dry Beaver County
35-007-24545 Will Dry Beaver County
35-007-24694 Adams O Dry Beaver County
35-007-24735 Hudgins A Dry Beaver County
35-007-24740 Hudgins A Dry Beaver County
35-007-24806 Duerson B Dry Beaver County
35-007-24834 Bjperu Dry Beaver County
35-007-30105 Ellexson Gas Beaver County
35-007-35154 Will Gas Beaver County
35-007-35751 Hodges D Gas Beaver County
35-015-20959 Epperly-J.F. Gas Caddo County
35-025-20246 Taylor & Stephnsn Dry Cimarron County
35-025-20258 State Of Okla Dry Cimarron County
35-025-35210 Whisenand Gas Cimarron County
35-027-21132 Walker-State A Dry Cleveland County
35-027-21182 O.C.C. A Dry Cleveland County
35-043-20101 Stidham Unit-A Gas Dewey County
35-043-20962 Jacobson Dewey County
35-043-21476 Moore Gas Dewey County
35-043-22088 Borden A Gas Dewey County
35-045-21625 Grazing A Dry Ellis County
35-047-21412 Breckenridge /A/ Gas Garfield County
35-049-20021 Naoc Unit(Le Valley #1) Inj Garvin County
35-049-22463 Annie Cole Oil Garvin County
35-049-22500 Hill E Oil Garvin County
35-049-22692 Barrett A Oil Garvin County
35-049-22729 McKey A Oil Garvin County
35-049-23104 Buckholts A Oil Garvin County
35-049-23808 Simmons-A Garvin County
35-049-23830 Hudgins A Dry Garvin County
35-049-24076 Cornell University Garvin County
35-049-24296 Bridwell Garvin County
35-049-24307 Nepsu Garvin County
35-049-24368 Lane B Dry Garvin County
35-049-24569 Seidel Garvin County
35-049-38139 Nephu (Foley A #1) Ta Garvin County
35-049-38163 Nephu (J.A. Bridwell A-1) Oil Garvin County
35-049-39614 Nephu (Gladys Cantrell 2) Oil Garvin County
35-049-39874 Nepu (Whitt 5) Ta Garvin County
35-051-20235 Norge Marchand (Walters J#1) Oil Grady County
35-051-21280 Norge Marchand Ut Oil Grady County
35-051-21895 Ball Dry Grady County
35-051-22345 Carroll B Grady County
35-051-22710 Terrell A Oil Grady County
35-051-23132 McQueen Trsut D Dry Grady County
35-051-23136 R K Trust A Grady County
35-051-23236 Norge Marchand Unit Grady County
35-051-23266 Brown Trust A Dry Grady County
35-051-30048 Mazur Grady County
35-051-35631 Byars Oil Grady County
35-051-35632 Byars Unit Inj Grady County
35-053-20253 Baker /A/ Dry Grant County
35-053-20256 Gary /A/ Dry Grant County
35-053-20257 Shoffner /A/ Dry Grant County
35-053-22130 Tharp A Dry Grant County
35-077-20631 Brown B Gas Latimer County
35-081-22960 Denny A Dry Lincoln County
35-083-22911 Smith C Oil Logan County
35-083-22971 Cornforth B Oil Logan County
35-083-22981 Kinney A Oil Logan County
35-083-23036 Mappes A Dry Logan County
35-087-20525 Wilson Oil McClain County
35-087-20585 Calvert /A/ Oil McClain County
35-087-20657 Wells B Oil McClain County
35-087-21317 Staggs A Oil McClain County
35-087-35561 G.D.Burns Oil McClain County
35-093-23556 Randall A Oil Major County
35-109-21623 Elizabeth 'A' Dry Oklahoma County
35-109-21697 Thomas E Dry Oklahoma County
35-129-20184 Hanawalt /A/ Dry Roger Mills County
35-139-00023 Kornele Gas Texas County
35-139-00026 McClelland Gas Texas County
35-139-00134 Beaty Oil Texas County
35-139-00897 Speakman Gas Texas County
35-139-01052 Gilmore Gas Texas County
35-139-01098 Easterwood Gas Texas County
35-139-01099 Easterwood Gas Texas County
35-139-01101 Easterwood Gas Texas County
35-139-01102 Woodward Gas Texas County
35-139-01109 Mathewson Gas Texas County
35-139-01244 Masin Gas Texas County
35-139-01256 Tucker Gas Texas County
35-139-01257 Lennen Gas Texas County
35-139-01263 Tucker Gas Texas County
35-139-01264 Sturgeon Gas Texas County
35-139-01505 Nelson Gas Texas County
35-139-01509 Reardon Gas Texas County
35-139-01511 Roesler Gas Texas County
35-139-01770 Gilmore Swd Texas County
35-139-04739 McDaniel Shields Oil Texas County
35-139-20029 Bessie Carter Oil Texas County
35-139-20104 Beasley C Oil Texas County
35-139-20122 Sealey-B Oil Texas County
35-139-20198 Cantrell Oil Texas County
35-139-20259 Tharp-B Gas Texas County
35-139-20426 Bevan Gas Texas County
35-139-20837 Tucker Gas Texas County
35-139-20891 Interstate /M/ Gas Texas County
35-139-20923 Blowey A Oil Texas County
35-139-20939 Sutton B Gas Texas County
35-139-20967 Allender Gas Texas County
35-139-21012 Hawkins /B/ Gas Texas County
35-139-21025 Janzen /A/ Gas Texas County
35-139-21040 Okla State J Oil Texas County
35-139-21052 Cities Service /E/ Oil Texas County
35-139-21105 Cities Service /M/ Gas Texas County
35-139-21186 Bonner /B/ Gas Texas County
35-139-21300 White /B/ Dry Texas County
35-139-21506 M R Leach /A/ Texas County
35-139-21677 Smith U Gas Texas County
35-139-21860 Bryan Gas Texas County
35-139-21939 Scott B Gas Texas County
35-139-21979 Depuy Dry Texas County
35-139-22169 Keenan Dry Texas County
35-139-22250 Oklahoma State 'N' Gas Texas County
35-139-22366 Haar I Dry Texas County
35-139-22396 Tharp Dry Texas County
35-139-22405 Depuy A Gas Texas County
35-139-22568 Booth-D Dry Texas County
35-139-22593 Foreman Gas Texas County
35-139-22601 Haar D Dry Texas County
35-139-22618 Goddard D Texas County
35-139-22679 City Of Guymon A Dry Texas County
35-139-22701 Dewhurst A Texas County
35-139-22703 Safranko A Dry Texas County
35-139-22709 Quigley D Dry Texas County
35-139-22722 Miller Q Texas County
35-139-22726 Miller Q Texas County
35-139-22728 Keenan Dry Texas County
35-139-22770 Mitchell E Texas County
35-139-22812 Keenan A Dry Texas County
35-139-22820 Teel A Dry Texas County
35-139-22823 Easterwood Dry Texas County
35-139-22856 Keenan A Dry Texas County
35-139-22859 Rewarts A Texas County
35-139-22860 Rewarts A Texas County
35-139-22861 Rewarts A Texas County
35-139-22914 Vail-Glatthaar Family TR B Dry Texas County
35-139-22922 Nagel A Gas Texas County
35-139-22949 Elrod A Dry Texas County
35-139-22960 Easterwood Gas Texas County
35-139-22970 HJV Michael B Dry Texas County
35-139-23046 Gully Gas Texas County
35-139-23049 Hammond A Dry Texas County
35-139-23068 Curtis D Dry Texas County
35-139-23196 Wright C Dry Texas County
35-139-23246 Matter A Dry Texas County
35-139-23248 Hood D Oil Texas County
35-139-23253 Tedford Dry Texas County
35-139-23254 Mayer A Dry Texas County
35-139-23351 Tedrow A Dry Texas County
35-139-23354 Green C Texas County
35-139-23848 Davis Trust B Dry Texas County
35-139-30057 Gottlieb Swd Texas County
35-139-30158 Burris Gas Texas County
35-139-30168 Miller Swd Texas County
35-139-35198 Ballew B Oil Texas County
35-139-35199 Ballew B Oil Texas County
35-139-35200 Ballew B Oil Texas County
35-139-35220 Fricke Gas Texas County
35-139-35222 Goddard Texas County
35-139-35223 Gottlieb A Gas Texas County
35-139-35227 Greene B Gas Texas County
35-139-35231 Hensley Gas Texas County
35-139-35237 McClanahan Texas County
35-139-35240 Miller Gas Texas County
35-139-35250 Quigley B Gas Texas County
35-139-35254 Schaeffler Gas Texas County
35-139-35256 Shaffer B Dry Texas County
35-139-35258 Smith-SWDW Swd Texas County
35-139-35259 Sturgeon Gas Texas County
35-139-35265 Tucker Oil Texas County
35-139-35271 Woodward B Gas Texas County
35-139-35338 Sutton B Oil Texas County
35-139-35572 Marian Graves Oil Texas County
35-139-35732 Richterberg Oil Texas County
35-139-35784 Booth B Texas County
35-139-35796 Cities Service D Oil Texas County
35-139-35798 Davis-Quigley A Gas Texas County
35-139-35812 Haar C Gas Texas County
35-139-35841 Wacker C Oil Texas County
35-139-35843 Welsh B Gas Texas County
35-139-36036 P G Pauls Inj Texas County
35-151-20603 Ball Dry Woods County
35-151-21053 Rockenbach Dry Woods County
35-151-21411 Mann /A/ Gas Woods County
35-151-21517 Andrews A Gas Woods County
35-153-20550 Jones /C/ Dry Woodward County
35-153-20609 Clark Gas Woodward County
35-153-20622 Snow Gas Woodward County
35-153-20661 Norman Dry Woodward County
35-153-20714 Darden Dry Woodward County
35-153-20724 Benbrook Gas Woodward County
35-153-20819 Logan /A/ Woodward County
35-153-21159 Wyman /B/ Gas Woodward County