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CNX Gas Company LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
34-013-20614 Buckeye Uic Barnesville 2 Oil & Gas Belmont County
34-081-20504 Friendship Park Jeff2ahsu Oil & Gas Jefferson County
34-099-23183 Cadle Mahn7bhsu Stratigraphic Mahoning County
34-111-24450 Brewster Switz6ahsm Stratigraphic Monroe County
34-111-24451 Brewster Switz6hsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24503 Brewster Switz6fhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24504 Brewster Switz6hhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24505 Brewster Switz6dhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24565 Ilona Baber Et Al Switz16jhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24566 Ilona Baber Et Al Switz16dhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24567 Ilona Baber Et Al Switz16fhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24568 Ilona Baber Et Al Switz16bhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24569 Ilona Baber Et Al Switz16hhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24586 Switzer Woods Switz5bhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24587 Switzer Woods Switz5dhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24602 Switzer Woods Switz5ghsm Stratigraphic Monroe County
34-111-24603 Switzer Woods Switz5hhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24604 Switzer Woods Switz5jhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24672 Frances I Kinzey Et Ux Switz28fhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24673 Frances I Kinzey Et Ux Switz28hhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24674 Frances I Kinzey Et Ux Switz28bhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24675 Frances I Kinzey Et Ux Switz28dhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24684 Francis & April Kinzy Switz11phsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24685 Francis & April Kinzy Switz11nhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24686 Francis & April Kinzy Switz11jhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24687 Francis & April Kinzy Switz11lhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24718 Detweiler John W Etal Switz26dhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24719 Detweiler John W Etal Switz26chsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24720 Followay Brian Scott Switz26bhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24721 Followay Brian Scott Switz26ahsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24745 Roberts Victor L & Linda G Swit27dhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24746 Roberts Victor L & Linda G Swit27bhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24747 Roberts Victor L & Linda G Swit27fhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24762 Baumberger Larry E & Bobby Switz18fhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24763 Baumberger Larry E & Bobby Switz18bhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24764 Baumberger Larry E & Bobby Switz18dhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24804 Quarto Miining Company Switz27bhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24805 Quarto Minining Company Switz27dhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24806 Quarto Mining Company Switz27chsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24807 Quarto Mining Company Switz27ahsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24833 Richard E Lehman Switz9bhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24834 Richard E Lehman Switz9dhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24835 Richard E Lehman Switz9fhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24836 Richard E Lehman Switz9hhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24881 Baumberger Larry E & Bobby Switz18khsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-111-24882 Baumberger Larry E & Bobby Switz18jhsu Oil & Gas Monroe County
34-121-24286 CNX Unit Oh1210003sv Oil & Gas Noble County
34-121-24287 CNX Unit Oh1210006sv Oil & Gas Noble County
34-121-24288 CNX Unit Oh1210005sv Oil & Gas Noble County
34-121-24290 CNX Unit Oh1210004sv Oil & Gas Noble County
34-121-24291 CNX Unit Oh1210002sv Oil & Gas Noble County
34-121-24298 CNX Unit Oh1210007sv Oil & Gas Noble County
34-121-24334 CNX (Oh121008vs) 18VS Oil & Gas Noble County
34-121-24335 CNX (Oh1210020vs) 20VS Oil & Gas Noble County
34-121-24342 CNX Gas Company LLC Nbl1ahsu Oil & Gas Noble County
34-121-24367 Reserve Coal Properties Co NBL 16ahsu Stratigraphic Noble County
34-121-24382 Reserve Coal Properties Co Nbl11ahsu Stratigraphic Noble County
34-121-24391 Reserve Nbl33ahsu Stratigraphic Noble County
34-121-24398 Reserve Coal Properties Co Nbl33chsu Stratigraphic Noble County
34-121-24418 Reserve Coal Properties Co Nbl18bhsu Stratigraphic Noble County
34-121-24440 Reserve Coal Properties Co Nbl34bhsu Stratigraphic Noble County
34-121-24441 Reserve Coal Properties Co Nbl34bhsu Oil & Gas Noble County
34-121-24520 Reserve Nbl39ghsu Stratigraphic Noble County
34-121-24522 Reserve Nbl39ehsu Stratigraphic Noble County
34-121-24555 Reserve Coal Properties Co Nbl30hhsu Stratigraphic Noble County
34-121-24556 Reserve Coal Properties Co Nbl30ghsu Stratigraphic Noble County
34-121-24557 Reserve Coal Properties Co Nbl30chsu Oil & Gas Noble County
34-121-24558 Reserve Coal Properties Co Nbl30bhsu Oil & Gas Noble County
34-121-24559 Reserve Coal Properties Co Nbl30ahsu Stratigraphic Noble County
34-121-24566 Reserve Coal Properties Co Nbl18jhsu Stratigraphic Noble County
34-121-24567 Reserve Coal Properties Co Nbl18fhsu Stratigraphic Noble County
34-121-24568 Reserve Coal Properties Co Nbl18hhsu Oil & Gas Noble County
34-121-24569 Reserve Coal Properties Co Nbl18ghsu Oil & Gas Noble County
34-155-24056 Wollman Trum3ahsu Oil & Gas Trumbull County
34-157-25485 Troyer Tusc3ahsu Stratigraphic Tuscarawas County
34-157-25499 Beachy Tusc8ahsu Stratigraphic Tuscarawas County
34-157-25500 Hartzler Tusc7chsu Oil & Gas Tuscarawas County
34-157-25502 Beachy Tusc8bhsu Oil & Gas Tuscarawas County
34-157-25503 Mollet Tusc11ahsu Oil & Gas Tuscarawas County
34-157-25504 Hartzler Tusc7bhsu Oil & Gas Tuscarawas County
34-157-25505 Hartzler Tusc7ahsu Oil & Gas Tuscarawas County