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Energyquest II, LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
30-015-10611 Grayburg Jackson Psu Ad 008 Injection Eddy County
30-015-20256 Grayburg Jackson Psu MB 012 Oil Eddy County
30-015-30022 Grayburg Jackson Psu MB 013 Oil Eddy County
30-015-31272 Grayburg Jackson Psu Ma 009 Oil Eddy County
30-025-01434 Shahara State Unit 007 Injection Lea County
30-025-01438 Shahara State Unit 008 Injection Lea County
30-025-20908 State Ef Com 003 Oil Lea County
30-025-23755 State B Ac 1 004 Oil Lea County
30-025-34090 Shahara State Unit 009 Oil Lea County
30-025-34092 Shahara State Unit 011 Oil Lea County
30-025-34219 Shahara State Unit 101 Oil Lea County
30-041-20427 El Zorro E Federal 002 Oil Roosevelt County
30-041-20815 El Zorro B Federal 001 Oil Roosevelt County
30-041-20875 El Zorro B Federal 002 Oil Roosevelt County
30-041-20930 Fox B State 006 Oil Roosevelt County