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Burk Royalty Co., LTD. Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
30-005-20325 Double L Queen Unit 001J Oil Chaves County
30-005-20329 Double L Queen Unit 004a Oil Chaves County
30-005-20331 Double L Queen Unit 005a Oil Chaves County
30-005-20340 Double L Queen Unit 022 Oil Chaves County
30-005-20341 Double L Queen Unit 001 Oil Chaves County
30-005-20342 Double L Queen Unit 002 Oil Chaves County
30-005-20385 Double L Queen Ut 007Q Injection Chaves County
30-005-60069 Double L Queen Unit 002G Oil Chaves County
30-005-60153 Double L Queen Unit 003y Injection Chaves County
30-005-60159 Double L Queen Unit 002 Oil Chaves County
30-005-60161 Double L Queen Unit 003 Injection Chaves County
30-005-60162 Double L Queen Ut 001Z Injection Chaves County
30-005-61925 Strange Federal Com 001 Oil Chaves County
30-025-02454 Hanson B 002 Oil Lea County
30-025-02455 Hanson B 001 Oil Lea County
30-025-02457 Cruces Federal 001 Oil Lea County
30-025-02458 Cruces Federal 002 Oil Lea County
30-025-02459 Cruces Federal 003 Injection Lea County
30-025-02460 Cruces Federal 004 Oil Lea County
30-025-02462 Cruces Federal 006 Oil Lea County
30-025-02499 Neal 001 Oil Lea County
30-025-02500 Neal 002 Oil Lea County
30-025-02501 Neal 003 Source Lea County
30-025-02502 Neal 004 Oil Lea County
30-025-02505 W H Milner Federal 002 Oil Lea County
30-025-02507 W H Milner Federal 004 Source Lea County
30-025-08465 Keohane A 001 Oil Lea County
30-025-20284 Hanson C 003 Oil Lea County
30-025-20349 Hanson C 001 Oil Lea County
30-025-20559 Hanson C 004 Source Lea County