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Ascent Energy, LLC. Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
30-015-35194 Eddy BD State 002 Gas Eddy County
30-015-38144 Eddy BD State 003 Oil Eddy County
30-015-44821 Purple Frog State 402H Oil Eddy County
30-015-44822 Purple Frog State 502H Oil Eddy County
30-015-44823 Purple Frog State 503H Oil Eddy County
30-015-44824 Purple Frog State 601H Oil Eddy County
30-015-44825 Purple Frog State 602H Oil Eddy County
30-015-44826 Purple Frog State 701H Oil Eddy County
30-015-44827 Purple Frog State 702H Oil Eddy County
30-015-44828 Purple Frog State 703H Oil Eddy County
30-015-44829 Purple Frog State 704H Oil Eddy County
30-015-44830 Purple Frog State 401H Oil Eddy County
30-015-44868 Purple Frog State 501H Oil Eddy County
30-015-44933 Buccaneer East State 501H Oil Eddy County
30-015-44934 Buccaneer East State 701H Gas Eddy County
30-015-44935 Bootlegger West State 601H Oil Eddy County
30-015-44936 Bootlegger West State 701H Gas Eddy County
30-015-45013 Hokie Fee 501H Oil Eddy County
30-015-45014 Hokie Fee 502H Oil Eddy County
30-015-45015 Hokie Fee 601H Oil Eddy County
30-015-45016 Hokie Fee 602H Oil Eddy County
30-015-45017 Hokie Fee 701H Oil Eddy County
30-015-45018 Hokie Fee 702H Oil Eddy County
30-025-40727 Mongoose Fee 001H Oil Lea County
30-025-44148 Toque State Com 501H Oil Lea County
30-025-44310 Brotosaurus 301H Oil Lea County
30-025-44380 San Diego 501H Oil Lea County
30-025-44381 San Diego 502H Oil Lea County
30-025-44382 Pistolero 502H Oil Lea County
30-025-44412 Honey Badger 501H Oil Lea County
30-025-44413 Honey Badger 502H Oil Lea County
30-025-44414 Honey Badger Fee 601H Oil Lea County
30-025-44415 Honey Badger Fee 701H Oil Lea County
30-025-44776 Toque State Com 201H Oil Lea County
30-025-44777 Toque State Com 203H Oil Lea County
30-025-44778 Toque State Com 202H Oil Lea County
30-025-44779 Toque State Com 301H Oil Lea County
30-025-44780 Toque State Com 302H Oil Lea County
30-025-44781 Toque State Com 303H Oil Lea County
30-025-44782 Toque State Com 304H Oil Lea County
30-025-44783 Toque State Com 401H Oil Lea County
30-025-44784 Toque State Com 402H Oil Lea County
30-025-44785 Toque State Com 502H Oil Lea County
30-025-44786 Toque State Com 503H Oil Lea County
30-025-44787 Toque State Com 601H Oil Lea County
30-025-44788 Toque State Com 602H Oil Lea County
30-025-44789 Toque State Com 701H Oil Lea County
30-025-44790 Toque State Com 702H Oil Lea County
30-025-44791 Toque State Com 703H Oil Lea County
30-025-44792 Toque State Com 704H Oil Lea County