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Unknown Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
25-005-21593 Gesell 12-1 Dry Hole Blaine County
25-005-08011 State-Stuker 1 Domestic Water Blaine County
25-009-60030 Davis 1 Dry Hole Carbon County
25-009-60029 Bhyre 2 Unknown Carbon County
25-009-60026 Stevens 3 Unknown Carbon County
25-009-21139 Total Federal 1 Dry Hole Carbon County
25-009-21121 Lehman 1 Dry Hole Carbon County
25-015-08008 Unknown Unknown Gas Chouteau County
25-033-21030 Beaver-Coulee 1 Dry Hole Garfield County
25-041-21682 Connolly 1-30 Dry Hole Hill County
25-041-21681 Romain 1-23 Dry Hole Hill County
25-071-05032 Styles 1 Dry Hole Phillips County
25-073-07105 Unknown Gas Pondera County
25-101-21939 Valstad 12-34 Dry Hole Toole County
25-101-11744 Ward XX Oil Toole County
25-101-11743 Unknown Unknown Oil Toole County
25-101-11741 Unknown Oil Toole County
25-101-11740 Dakota State X Gas Toole County
25-101-11739 Levnick 1X Oil Toole County
25-105-87000 Tribal Tract 1a Unknown Valley County
25-111-06260 Mosser Dome 2 Dry Hole Yellowstone County
25-111-06259 Mosser Dome 1 Dry Hole Yellowstone County