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Tyler Oil Company Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
25-051-21828 Meissner Ranches Inc. 10-34 Dry Hole Liberty County
25-071-23249 R. Williams 23-6R Dry Hole Phillips County
25-071-23216 Tyler-State 36-7 Dry Hole Phillips County
25-071-23204 R. Williams 23-6 Dry Hole Phillips County
25-087-21710 Federal 30-9 Dry Hole Rosebud County
25-087-21663 Infinity State 31-1 Dry Hole Rosebud County
25-087-21654 Infinity State 31-16 Water Source Rosebud County
25-087-21653 Federal 30-16 Oil Rosebud County
25-087-21652 Infinity State 31-15 Dry Hole Rosebud County
25-087-21649 Infinity State 31-9 Injection, EOR Rosebud County
25-087-21648 Infinity State 31-8 Oil Rosebud County
25-087-21637 State 31-13a Oil Rosebud County
25-087-21635 Infinity State 31-2 Injection, EOR Rosebud County
25-087-21273 State 12-31 Injection, EOR Rosebud County
25-087-21217 State 31-12-33 Oil Rosebud County
25-101-24224 Annette Freeland 13-26 Dry Hole Toole County
25-101-24223 Annette Freeland 7-26 Dry Hole Toole County
25-101-24157 Henry 11-26 Dry Hole Toole County