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Petro-Hunt, LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
25-021-21179 Malcom Senner 1B-2-1 Oil Dawson County
25-021-21180 Diekman 9C-1-1 Dry Hole Dawson County
25-021-21181 Charles Senner 20D-2-1 Oil Dawson County
25-021-21182 Nissley Farms 18-54 11B-3-1 Oil Dawson County
25-021-21183 Austby 19-53 2B-34-1H Oil Dawson County
25-021-21184 Boje Farms 19-54 17D-20-1H Oil Dawson County
25-021-21185 Olson 19-54 21B-2-1 Oil Dawson County
25-021-21186 State 19-54 36B-4-1 Oil Dawson County
25-021-21187 Kolberg 18-54 8D-4-1 Oil Dawson County
25-021-21188 USA 18-55 30B-1-1 Oil Dawson County
25-021-21190 Kauffman 19-54 28D-2-1 Oil Dawson County
25-021-21191 Wolff & Sons 18-51 26a-3-1 Oil Dawson County
25-021-21192 Walter Senner 19-54 18D-2-1 Oil Dawson County
25-021-21193 Borntrager 2C-2-1 Oil Dawson County
25-021-21197 Dietz 19-54 24C-3-1 Dry Hole Dawson County
25-025-23068 Askin 10-61 33D-1-1 Dry Hole Fallon County
25-083-21474 Nohly 28-14 Oil Richland County
25-083-21530 L.C. Anvik NCT 1 Injection - Disposal Richland County
25-083-21757 South Nohly 28-14X Oil Richland County
25-083-21939 Ildstad/Berman 2C-4-1 Oil Richland County
25-083-21940 C.D. Rockford 26a-2-1 Oil Richland County
25-083-21945 Thiessen 28B-3-1H Oil Richland County
25-083-21964 BR 11C-2-1 Oil Richland County
25-083-21965 BR 13D-1-1 Oil Richland County
25-083-21983 BR 31a-3-1 Dry Hole Richland County
25-083-22002 BR 27a-2-1H Oil Richland County
25-083-22003 Schow 28D-3-1H Oil Richland County
25-083-22012 Agamerica 2B-1-1H Oil Richland County
25-083-22020 Grow 33C-4-1H Dry Hole Richland County
25-083-22023 Qualley 25a-1-1 Oil Richland County
25-083-22024 BR 21C-4-1H Oil Richland County
25-083-22145 Torgerson 33C-1-1 Oil Richland County
25-083-22151 Bell 12a-2-1H Oil Richland County
25-083-22173 Ag America 12D-4-1 Dry Hole Richland County
25-083-22189 Merrill 3B-2-1H Oil Richland County
25-083-22194 BR 11B-4-1 Dry Hole Richland County
25-083-22223 Lazy Acres 20a-3-1 Dry Hole Richland County
25-083-22271 State 36B-2-1H Oil Richland County
25-083-22298 Merrill 3C-2-1H Oil Richland County
25-083-22299 Dethman Trust 10B-2-1H Oil Richland County
25-083-22369 Merrill Trust 15a-1-1H Oil Richland County
25-083-22385 Merrill Trust 13D-3-1H Oil Richland County
25-083-22421 BR 5a-2-1 Oil Richland County
25-083-22445 BR 23C-2-1 Dry Hole Richland County
25-083-22479 Volbrecht 32B-2-1 Oil Richland County
25-083-22480 BR 19C-4-1 Dry Hole Richland County
25-083-22481 Rehbein 18B-2-1 Oil Richland County
25-083-22486 BR 33B-4-3 Oil Richland County
25-083-22538 Bouchard 24a-1-1H Oil Richland County
25-083-22539 CP 33B-2-4H Oil Richland County
25-083-22639 CP 33D-3-1 Oil Richland County
25-083-22674 State 16B-4-1 Oil Richland County
25-083-22697 CP 5B-3-1H Oil Richland County
25-083-22753 Dotson 6a-1-1H Oil Richland County
25-091-21206 Hoff 1 Oil Sheridan County
25-091-21246 Stromberg 1 Oil Sheridan County
25-091-21293 FLB Peterson 1 Oil Sheridan County
25-091-21310 Snellman 1 Oil Sheridan County
25-091-21318 Morin #1 Oil Sheridan County
25-091-21326 Ostby 1 Oil Sheridan County
25-091-21388 Fed-Stringer 1 Oil Sheridan County
25-091-21461 Norman F. Stringer 1 Oil Sheridan County
25-091-21604 Addie Grandlund 1 Oil Sheridan County
25-091-21760 Ag America SWD 1 Injection - Disposal Sheridan County
25-091-21763 Ag America 12C-3-1 Injection - Disposal Sheridan County
25-091-21766 Norman Stringer 13B-3-2H Oil Sheridan County
25-109-21190 Setera 12-59 13D-1-1 Oil Wibaux County
25-109-21191 Nagode 12-61 20D-3-1 Dry Hole Wibaux County
25-109-21192 Miske 11-60 3C-3-1 Oil Wibaux County
25-109-21194 Kahl 13-59 24D-2-1 Dry Hole Wibaux County