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Greylock Conventional, LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
25-009-21301 Hunt Creek 1-H Dry Hole Carbon County
25-009-21299 Eca Foothills 2-H Oil Carbon County
25-009-21297 Eca Foothills 1-H Oil Carbon County
25-065-21091 Burlington Northern 4-3 Water Source Musselshell County
25-095-21283 Foothills 9-H Oil Stillwater County
25-095-21280 Eca Federal 3-H Oil Stillwater County
25-095-21279 Eca Federal 2-H Oil Stillwater County
25-095-21275 Eca Federal 1-H Oil Stillwater County
25-095-21170 Rickman 1 Gas Stillwater County
25-095-21150 Keller 3 Injection, EOR Stillwater County
25-095-21141 Bar B 1 Oil Stillwater County
25-095-05015 Kennedy-Bahr 1 Gas Stillwater County
25-095-05012 J. Orr 1 Gas Stillwater County
25-095-05010 Tyler Orr 2 Gas Stillwater County

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