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Durango Operating LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
23-001-00158 Cranfield Unit Oil Adams County
23-037-20142 U. S. A. Injection Franklin County
23-001-20240 Ella G. Lees SWDW Injection Adams County
23-001-00216 Ella G Lees Oil Adams County
23-001-00223 Lees & Ratcliffe Unit Oil Adams County
23-037-20099 Ezell-U S A Unit Oil Franklin County
23-037-20209 Ezell SWDW Injection Franklin County
23-001-00203 Ella G Lees 11 Gas Adams County
23-001-00218 Ella G Lees 28 Oil Adams County
23-001-00222 Lees & Ratcliffe Unit 1-1 Oil Adams County
23-001-00224 Lees & Ratcliffe Unit 3-1 Oil Adams County
23-001-21921 Lees-Ratcliffe Unit 6-1 Oil Adams County
23-037-20113 U S A 29-10 1 Oil Franklin County
23-037-20141 U S A 29-14 Oil Franklin County
23-037-20157 W P Stokes Unit 1 Oil Franklin County
23-037-20236 U S A 29-15a Oil Franklin County
23-037-21060 Ezell-U S A Unit 1-A Oil Franklin County
23-037-21125 USA 29-15B Oil Franklin County