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Day Dreams Resources, LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
23-001-23501 Armstrong Unit Oil - Production Adams County
23-001-23469 Morgan Unit Dry Hole Adams County
23-001-23442 Wallace Et Al Dry Hole Adams County
23-001-23417 Geddes Heirs - Trophy Dry Hole Adams County
23-001-23406 Salt Lake Field 1 Dry Hole Adams County
23-001-23395 Wallace, Et Al 1 Oil - Production Adams County
23-001-23375 Gulmon Et Al A 1 Dry Hole Adams County
23-001-23364 Gulmon Et Al 1 Oil - Production Adams County
23-001-23018 Big River Field SWDW Water Injection - Disposal Adams County
23-001-00631 Board Of Education SWDW Water Injection - Disposal Adams County
23-005-20754 Whittington Et Al Dry Hole Amite County
23-005-20737 Robertson 34 Oil - Production Amite County
23-005-20492 W. P. Robertson 2-34 Water Injection - Disposal Amite County
23-037-21502 Spats, Et Al Dry Hole Franklin County
23-063-20518 Noble Dry Hole Jefferson County
23-063-20517 Pollak Unit Dry Hole Jefferson County
23-063-20516 Stewart Unit Oil - Production Jefferson County
23-113-21066 Dorchester Unit Oil - Production Pike County
23-113-21065 Vest Unit Dry Hole Pike County
23-157-22004 Perrry-Ashley Dry Hole Wilkinson County
23-157-21679 McKellar 1 Natural Gas - Production Wilkinson County