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Biglane Operating Company Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
23-001-22963 Natchez Unit 1 Oil Adams County
23-001-23286 D. Junkin 5-A Shut-in Adams County
23-001-21422 D Junkin 8 Oil Adams County
23-001-21386 D Junkin 7 Oil Adams County
23-001-21277 Parker # 1 Shut-in Adams County
23-001-21269 D. Junkin 6 Oil Adams County
23-001-21185 Williams SWDW Injection Adams County
23-001-21064 Gilbert-U. S. A. Injection Adams County
23-001-20963 Parker 1 Shut-in Adams County
23-001-20916 Giles Oil Adams County
23-001-20915 Board Of Supervisors Oil Adams County
23-001-20898 D Junkin 3 Oil Adams County
23-001-20883 Learned - Krouse State Of La. 1 Oil Adams County
23-001-20723 Board Of Supervisors Oil Adams County
23-001-20485 Abbot#4 Injection Adams County
23-001-20218 Board Of Supervisors 1 Injection Adams County
23-001-03456 Krouse City Of Natchez#1 Injection Adams County
23-001-22404 Board Of Education 3-S Oil Adams County
23-001-22401 Board Of Education 2-S Oil Adams County
23-001-21348 Hodges 1 Shut-in Adams County
23-001-21019 D Junkin 4 Oil Adams County
23-001-21001 Giles 1-A Shut-in Adams County
23-001-20865 Williams 1 Oil Adams County
23-001-03455 Krouse Et Al SWDW Injection Adams County
23-001-03454 R. F. Learned & Sons, Inc. #1-A Shut-in Adams County
23-001-03221 S.H.Lambdin SWDW#A-3 Injection Adams County
23-001-03196 State Of Louisiana 2 Oil Adams County
23-001-00111 Giles 21-A Shut-in Adams County
23-001-00110 James S Giles A-1 Shut-in Adams County
23-001-23174 Junkin Frank Etal 1 Oil Adams County
23-001-03202 Giles 5 Oil Adams County
23-005-00102 H.C.Spears#1 Oil Amite County
23-005-20025 Spears 1 Oil Amite County
23-037-20359 Harmon-Mullins 1 Shut-in Franklin County
23-157-00219 Wilbert&Son SWDW#4 Injection Wilkinson County
23-157-00218 Wilbert&Son SWDW#3-A Injection Wilkinson County
23-157-00216 Wilbert&Sons SWDW#2 Injection Wilkinson County