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Operator Name Operator Number
Harry & Joyce Stephens Trust 6544
Tallman Trust Co 6029
Ward M Haggard Oil And Gas Exploration Inc 4429
Collin C W JR 4681
Wagner Gas And Oil LLC 2954
Rayburn Oil Co Inc 4939
Summit Petroleum Corp 47
Savoy Energy LP 5320
Merit Energy Co 5512
Pride Energy Co 5837
Devonian Energy Inc 4949
Cain Glen 3848
Sturgeon Point Development Co 5257
C M F Oil LLC 6433
W B Osborn Oil And Gas Operations LTD 6418
McCool John E 6067
Brandli Oil Inc 4977
Dynamic Development Inc 4644
Jaguar Energy LLC 5144
Hardy And Hardy Consulting LLC 6042
Terrel Production Co 4510
Schmude Oil Inc 4605
Breitburn Operating Limited Partnership 6371
Jennings Petroleum And Enveron Corp 4951
Bloomingdale Oil LLC 6565
Yost Energy Inc 4791
M L Energy 6472
Trahan Petroleum Inc 5036
Immink Merle And Phyllis 4300
Maverick Exploration And Production Inc 6366
Glen Cain Inc 5972
West Hopkins Petroleum Co LP 3786
Bailer And Deshaw 80
Kughn C W 36
Robert E P Oil And Gas Co Inc 5314
Nu Energy Operating Inc 6040
White River Production LLC 6013
Miracle Petroleum LLC 5337
M R Ventures LLC 6054
Hope Oil Corporation 5243
Belden And Blake Corp Dba Ward Lake Energy 4745
Jag Op LLC 6557
Tallman Industries Inc 4943
Sinclair Oil And Gas Co 2213
Linn Operating LLC 6461
Midstate Employment Services LLC 6359
Federated Oil And Gas Properties Inc 4934
Core Energy LLC 6310
Enervest Operating LLC 5864
Century Oil Company Inc 5122
Trendwell Antrim Inc 6548
R Cubed L L C 6516
Christian Oil Co Inc 6352
Sappington Crude Oil Inc 66
Bauer Brothers 3620
Muzyl Oil Corp 5230
Lease Management Inc 2950
Apollo Exploration And Development Inc 100
Delta Oil Co Inc 25
Somoco Inc 4591
Arbor Operating LLC 6312
Omimex Energy Inc 5095
O I L Niagaran LLC 5229
Ososki Edward D Dba Federal Oil Co 171
Mosthaf Edwin C And Mosthaf Levina M 5249
H R F Exploration And Production LLC 6296
Mosbacher Energy Co 4645
Gas Ventures LLC 6569
Antrim Development Corp 4776
Nelson Ralph M Enterprises Inc 4151
Fair Energies Inc 2821
O I L Energy Corp 4777
West Bay Exploration Company 104
Paxton Resources LLC 5312
Sappington Carol J 4017
Wicklund Enterprises Inc 4075
Aztec Producing Company Inc 2837
Bruce Alan Enterprises Inc 3072
Dejong John B 4770
Sappington John M Walter B Dianne M 3416
Ace Energy LLC 6095
Sappington Walter B 4034
Cobra Oil And Gas Corporation 4738
Wolverine Gas And Oil Company Of Michigan LLC 6498
W W Energy Corp 53
Riverside Energy Michigan LLC 6361
O G I LLC 6541
Versluis A James And David And Phillip P And War 4197
Bobcat Investment Inc 6314
Columbus Oil And Gas LLC 6432
Environmental Soil Recovery LTD 5898
Jordan Development Company LLC 5280
L L K Oil Well LLC 6568
Cimarex Energy Co 6084
Northstar Energy LLC 5509
United Security Associates Inc 4997
H L Brown Operating LLC 5953
Sterling Operators Inc 4940
Meridian Production Services LLC 5934
Stoney Lake Production Co LLC 5334
Ceja Corporation 6576
C M S Gas Transmission Co 5914
Michigan Geosearch Inc 4267
Trendwell Energy Corporation 70
Muskegon Development Company 40
Henry Sappington Machine & Tool Dba Henry Sappingt 6086
Dart Oil And Gas Corp 42
Cronus Exploration Co LLC 5307
Dixon Exploration Inc 4234
Beckman Production Services Inc 4262
Whiting Oil And Gas Corp 5995
Goodale Enterprises LLC 5260
Bourdeaux H J 4010
Venture Oil And Gas Inc 4971
Great Lakes Petroleum Producers Inc 4941
White Rock Oil & Gas LLC 6570
Tiger Development LLC 5302
Tuscola Energy Inc 5986