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Woodbine Production Corp Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
17-017-23560 Hoss RB Suc;Jackson B OIL Caddo Parish
17-017-23970 Querbes B NO PRODUCT SPECIFIED Caddo Parish
17-017-29769 TP Su80;McKelvey GAS Caddo Parish
17-017-31170 CV D Ra Suuu;Ledger GAS Caddo Parish
17-017-31286 Pxy Suv;E C Cook GAS Caddo Parish
17-017-31342 CV D Ra Suww;Alfred GAS Caddo Parish
17-017-31455 Pxy Suz;G Alfred GAS Caddo Parish
17-017-31642 Pxy Suo;Jackson A GAS Caddo Parish
17-017-31843 Pxy Su69;Robinson Heirs GAS Caddo Parish
17-017-32093 TP Su80;McKelvey C GAS Caddo Parish
17-017-32148 Pxy Suxx;Wiener-Weiss GAS Caddo Parish
17-017-32189 CV D Ra Sutt;McKelvey D GAS Caddo Parish
17-027-01862 H Ra Sue;Baucum-Owens OIL Claiborne Parish
17-027-21782 H Ra Sud;Baucum-Owens OIL Claiborne Parish