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TDX Energy, LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
17-003-20561 BSML Partnership 26 NO PRODUCT SPECIFIED Allen Parish
17-003-20566 BSML Partnership 27 GAS Allen Parish
17-013-21381 Pet Sua;Joe D Burns NO PRODUCT SPECIFIED Bienville Parish
17-013-21500 U Hoss Sue;Jowers GAS Bienville Parish
17-013-21555 Hoss Ra Sua;Virginia Upshaw 4 GAS Bienville Parish
17-013-21677 U Hoss Sus;La Minerals GAS Bienville Parish
17-013-21779 U Hoss Sub;La Minerals LTD 9 GAS Bienville Parish
17-013-21859 U Hoss Sub;Patterson 9 GAS Bienville Parish
17-013-21886 Hoss Ra Sua;Weyerhaeuser 4 GAS Bienville Parish
17-017-34916 Pet RB Sur;Community Fdtion 16 NO PRODUCT SPECIFIED Caddo Parish
17-027-20220 CV RB Sua;Reeder Heirs OIL Claiborne Parish
17-027-20799 SMK C Ra Sub;Guy Lewis Et Al GAS Claiborne Parish
17-027-21147 SMK C RB Sug;A O Norton Estate GAS Claiborne Parish
17-027-21706 CV Ra Suf;Shaw GAS Claiborne Parish
17-027-22260 CV RB Sua;M Scott Etal OIL Claiborne Parish
17-027-22265 CV RB Sub;Crowder OIL Claiborne Parish
17-027-22327 CV Ra Suf;Butler GAS Claiborne Parish
17-027-22364 CV Ra Suf;Gladney Etal GAS Claiborne Parish
17-039-20476 Indigo Minerals 29 GAS Evangeline Parish
17-039-20483 Indigo Minerals 28 GAS Evangeline Parish
17-081-21056 Hoss Ra Suo;Deloache GAS Red River Parish
17-081-21466 Hoss Ra Sull;Wing GAS Red River Parish
17-119-20722 SMK C Ra Suv;Miriam Crump GAS Webster Parish
17-119-20832 SMK C Ra Suw;Burns GAS Webster Parish
17-119-21051 SMK C Ra Sux;Burns GAS Webster Parish
17-119-21145 SMK C Ra Suy;Burns GAS Webster Parish
17-119-21861 SMK C Ra Suw;Holley GAS Webster Parish