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Excel Operating Corporation Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
17-013-21127 Hoss C Su58;Dison GAS Bienville Parish
17-013-21139 Hoss C Suaa;Martin Timber Co 7 GAS Bienville Parish
17-013-21344 Hoss C Suhh;Petro-Hunt LLC 18 GAS Bienville Parish
17-013-21399 Hoss A Su60;Hunt Etal 30 GAS Bienville Parish
17-013-21411 La Minerals LTD 20 NO PRODUCT SPECIFIED Bienville Parish
17-013-21431 CV A Su58;Hunt Etal 24 GAS Bienville Parish
17-027-00196 L A Wasson GAS Claiborne Parish
17-027-00218 U Ha Ra Sub;W H Thompson Etal GAS Claiborne Parish
17-027-20139 U Ha Ra Sua;Mitcham Heirs GAS Claiborne Parish
17-027-21980 CV Ra Sut;May GAS Claiborne Parish
17-027-21991 CV Ra Sun;Oakes Et Al GAS Claiborne Parish
17-027-22043 Ha Ra Sud;Tubbs GAS Claiborne Parish
17-027-22203 L SMK A RB Sua;Campbell GAS Claiborne Parish
17-027-22255 SX Suq;Gibson GAS Claiborne Parish
17-049-20297 Shriner'S Hospital GAS Jackson Parish
17-049-20548 Hoss L Su26;Shriners Hospital GAS Jackson Parish
17-119-01361 Connell GAS Webster Parish
17-119-01364 Leroy Connell GAS Webster Parish
17-119-01378 Pet Su E; Crichton B-1 GAS Webster Parish
17-119-01381 Crichton C GAS Webster Parish
17-119-01383 Bodcaw LBR Co GAS Webster Parish
17-119-01385 Crichton A GAS Webster Parish
17-119-01389 Crichton GAS Webster Parish
17-119-01390 Evans-Johnson GAS Webster Parish
17-119-01391 A Crichton GAS Webster Parish
17-119-01516 Nicholson GAS Webster Parish
17-119-01518 Vice OIL Webster Parish
17-119-01567 Thomas Crichton GAS Webster Parish
17-119-01568 Beatty NO PRODUCT SPECIFIED Webster Parish
17-119-01586 Bank Of Minden GAS Webster Parish
17-119-01587 Goodwill GAS Webster Parish
17-119-20139 Bodcaw GAS Webster Parish
17-119-21866 Thomas Crichton GAS Webster Parish