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Enerquest Oil & Gas, L.L.C. Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
17-015-00425 Ivan SWD NO PRODUCT SPECIFIED Bossier Parish
17-015-00426 CV Ra Suo;Crystal D GAS Bossier Parish
17-015-22830 CV Ra Sup;Snyder Oil Corp GAS Bossier Parish
17-015-24771 CV Ra Sug;Apache GAS Bossier Parish
17-015-24884 CV Ra Suo;USA-Blackstone GAS Bossier Parish
17-027-21730 CV Ra Sul;King GAS Claiborne Parish
17-027-21806 CV Ra Sun;Brinker Et Al GAS Claiborne Parish
17-059-02189 WX D RB Su39;Graham OIL La Salle Parish
17-059-02269 WX F RB Su73a;I O Swazey OIL La Salle Parish
17-059-22915 WX F RB Su261;Wilson Paul OIL La Salle Parish
17-059-23720 WX A Ra Su73a;Swazey OIL La Salle Parish
17-059-24461 Swazey SWD NO PRODUCT SPECIFIED La Salle Parish
17-059-24778 WX D RB Su39;J A Graham OIL La Salle Parish
17-059-26525 WX F RB Su73a;Swazey OIL La Salle Parish
17-119-00458 R'Berry Sua;Adkins OIL Webster Parish
17-119-20302 CV Ra Sua;Manville Products GAS Webster Parish
17-119-21552 8900 CV Ra Sud;E S Jones NO PRODUCT SPECIFIED Webster Parish
17-119-21633 Gray Ra Sua;Lee Et Al GAS Webster Parish