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Caerus Washco LLC Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
05-013-06014 1-19 Lawson Oil Boulder County
05-013-06082 35-1 Lindsay Oil Boulder County
05-013-06119 12-4 D-B-R Oil Boulder County
05-013-06132 18-3 Kahan Oil Boulder County
05-059-06010 22-2 Church Oil Jefferson County
05-077-08115 1-15 Federal Oil Mesa County
05-077-08362 30-3 Federal C Oil Mesa County
05-077-08387 19-3 Williams Oil Mesa County
05-077-08388 19-2 Michaelsen Oil Mesa County
05-077-08389 20-1 Carpenter Oil Mesa County
05-077-08429 35-1 Federal C Oil Mesa County
05-077-08430 27-4 Federal C Oil Mesa County
05-077-08465 3-4 Federal Oil Mesa County
05-087-08195 18-560-0460xah Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08196 18-560-0258XCDH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08197 18-560-0359xah2 Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08198 18-560-0258xah Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08199 18-560-0359XBH2 Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08200 18-560-0258XBH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08201 18-560-0157XCH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08202 18-560-0359XCH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08203 18-560-0460XBH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08204 18-560-0258XCH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08205 18-560-0359xah Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08206 18-560-0460XCH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08207 18-560-0359XBH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08208 18-560-0460XCDH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08209 3-660-0359xah Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08210 3-660-0460XBH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08211 3-660-0460XCH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08212 3-660-0460xah Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08213 3-660-0258XCDH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08214 3-660-0157XCH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08215 3-660-0359XBH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08216 3-660-0359XBH2 Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08217 3-660-0359XCH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08218 3-660-0258xah Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08219 3-660-0359xah2 Wicksrrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08220 3-660-0258XBH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08221 3-660-0258XCH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-087-08222 3-660-0460XCDH Wickstrom Oil Morgan County
05-095-06196 42-13 West Greely Farms Oil Phillips County
05-095-06197 33-13 West Greely Farms Oil Phillips County
05-095-06198 14-13 Kramer Oil Phillips County
05-095-06199 11-13 Kramer Oil Phillips County
05-095-06200 12-13 Kramer Oil Phillips County
05-095-06201 33-14 Kramer Oil Phillips County
05-095-06202 42-14 Kramer Oil Phillips County
05-095-06203 23-12 Kramer Oil Phillips County
05-095-06204 24-12 Kramer Oil Phillips County
05-095-06205 31-12 West Greely Farms Oil Phillips County
05-095-06217 21-13 Kramer Oil Phillips County
05-103-08303 25-2 Indian Valley Federal Oil Rio Blanco County
05-103-08572 24-1 Co Division Of Wildlife Oil Rio Blanco County
05-103-08780 28-4 Federal Oil Rio Blanco County
05-103-08781 30-4 Federal Oil Rio Blanco County
05-103-08782 23-4 Federal Oil Rio Blanco County
05-103-08886 22 Federal Oil Rio Blanco County
05-103-08936 19 Federal Oil Rio Blanco County
05-121-09140 2 State Of Colorado Oil Washington County
05-123-32076 41-10H Rickards Oil Weld County
05-123-32151 42-10M Warren Oil Weld County
05-123-32426 11-11H Frank Trust Oil Weld County
05-123-33064 14-36H Frank Trust Oil Weld County
05-123-38388 4441-15H Sherman Oil Weld County
05-123-42078 3-661-0864xah Rache Oil Weld County
05-123-42079 3-661-0662XBH Rache Oil Weld County
05-123-42080 3-661-0763XCH Rache Oil Weld County
05-123-42081 3-661-0662XCH Rache Oil Weld County
05-123-42082 3-661-0561XCDH Rache Oil Weld County
05-123-42083 3-661-0763XCDH Rache Oil Weld County
05-123-42084 3-661-0864XBH Rache Oil Weld County
05-123-42085 3-661-0662XCH2 Rache Oil Weld County
05-123-42086 3-661-0561XBH Rache Oil Weld County
05-123-42087 3-661-0561XCH Rache Oil Weld County
05-123-42088 3-661-0662xah Rache Oil Weld County
05-123-42089 25-761-0157CH Terrell Oil Weld County
05-123-42090 25-761-0460BH Terrell Oil Weld County
05-123-42091 25-761-0157BH Terrell Oil Weld County
05-123-42092 25-761-0460CH Terrell Oil Weld County
05-123-42093 25-761-0258CDH Terrell Oil Weld County
05-123-42094 25-761-0359ah Terrell Oil Weld County
05-123-42095 25-761-0258BH Terrell Oil Weld County
05-123-42096 25-761-0359CH Terrell Oil Weld County
05-123-42098 25-761-0359BH Terrell Oil Weld County
05-123-42100 25-761-0460CDH Terrell Oil Weld County
05-123-42101 3-661-0763XBH Rache Oil Weld County
05-123-42102 25-761-0359ah2 Terrell Oil Weld County
05-123-42103 25-761-0258CH Terrell Oil Weld County
05-123-42104 3-661-0561xah Rache Oil Weld County
05-123-42105 25-761-0460ah Terrell Oil Weld County
05-123-42106 3-661-0763xah Rache Oil Weld County
05-123-42107 25-761-0258ah Terrell Oil Weld County
05-123-42922 27-761-4841xah2 Clyncke Oil Weld County
05-123-42923 27-761-5649XCH Clyncke Oil Weld County
05-123-42924 27-761-4841xah Clyncke Oil Weld County
05-123-42925 27-761-4033XCDH Clyncke Oil Weld County
05-123-42926 27-761-4033XCH Clyncke Oil Weld County
05-123-42927 27-761-4841XCH Clyncke Oil Weld County
05-123-42928 27-761-6457XBH Clyncke Oil Weld County
05-123-42929 27-761-5649XBH Clyncke Oil Weld County
05-123-42930 27-761-4841XBH Clyncke Oil Weld County
05-123-42931 27-761-4033XBH Clyncke Oil Weld County
05-123-42932 27-761-5649xah Clyncke Oil Weld County
05-123-42933 27-761-5649XCDH Clyncke Oil Weld County
05-123-42934 27-761-6457XCH Clyncke Oil Weld County
05-123-42935 27-761-4033xah Clyncke Oil Weld County
05-123-44267 12-661-0258XBH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44268 1-661-5802XCH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44269 1-661-5903XCH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44270 12-661-0359XBH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44271 1-661-5802XCDH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44272 1-661-5903xah K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44273 1-661-5903xah2 K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44274 1-661-5802XBH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44275 12-661-0460XCDH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44276 12-661-0258XCDH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44277 12-661-0460xah K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44278 1-661-5903XBH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44279 12-661-0359xah2 K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44280 12-661-0359XCH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44281 1-661-5701CH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44282 1-661-6004XBH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44283 12-661-0258xah K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44284 12-661-0258XCH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44285 12-661-0460XBH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44286 12-661-0157XCH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44287 12-661-0359xah K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44288 1-661-6004xah K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44289 1-661-5701BH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44290 1-661-5802ah K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44291 12-661-0157XBH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44292 12-661-0460XCH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44293 1-661-6004XCH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44294 1-661-6004XCDH K&H Ranches Oil Weld County
05-123-44450 35-761-0662XBH Riggs Oil Weld County
05-123-44451 35-761-0864xah Riggs Oil Weld County
05-123-44452 35-761-0662xah Riggs Oil Weld County
05-123-44453 35-761-0763XBH Riggs Oil Weld County
05-123-44454 35-761-0561XBH Riggs Oil Weld County
05-123-44455 35-761-0662XCH2 Riggs Oil Weld County
05-123-44456 35-761-0561XCH Riggs Oil Weld County
05-123-44457 35-761-0864XBH Riggs Oil Weld County
05-123-44458 35-761-0763xah Riggs Oil Weld County
05-123-44459 35-761-0561xah Riggs Oil Weld County
05-123-44460 35-761-0662XCH Riggs Oil Weld County
05-123-44461 35-761-0763XCH Riggs Oil Weld County
05-123-44462 35-761-0763XCDH Riggs Oil Weld County
05-123-44463 35-761-0561XCDH Riggs Oil Weld County
05-125-06369 1-22 W H Gerber Oil Yuma County
05-125-08156 33-22 Wudtke Oil Yuma County