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EOG Resources, Inc. Wells

API Number Well Name Type County Month Oil Prod (BBL) Gas Prod (MCF) Water Prod (BBL)
04-011-00345 Dry Gas Colusa County
04-011-20219 Dry Gas Colusa County
04-011-20290 Dry Gas Colusa County
04-011-20324 Dry Gas Colusa County
04-011-20336 Dry Gas Colusa County
04-011-20347 Dry Gas Colusa County
04-011-20349 Dry Gas Colusa County
04-011-20447 Dry Gas Colusa County
04-013-20340 Dry Gas Contra Costa County
04-021-00200 Dry Gas Glenn County
04-021-20204 Dry Gas Glenn County
04-021-20208 Dry Gas Glenn County
04-021-20232 Dry Gas Glenn County
04-021-20270 Dry Gas Glenn County
04-021-20285 Dry Gas Glenn County
04-021-20288 Glenn County
04-021-20291 Dry Gas Glenn County
04-021-20301 Dry Gas Glenn County
04-021-20302 Dry Gas Glenn County
04-021-20305 Dry Gas Glenn County
04-021-20477 Dry Gas Glenn County
04-021-20502 Dry Gas Glenn County
04-021-20538 Dry Gas Glenn County
04-021-20548 Dry Gas Glenn County
04-021-20557 Dry Gas Glenn County
04-029-76372 Oil & Gas Kern County
04-067-00225 Dry Gas Sacramento County
04-067-00240 Sacramento County
04-067-20136 Dry Gas Sacramento County
04-077-20001 Dry Gas San Joaquin County
04-077-20512 Dry Gas San Joaquin County
04-095-20445 Dry Gas Solano County
04-095-20573 Dry Gas Solano County
04-095-20580 Dry Gas Solano County
04-095-20645 Dry Gas Solano County
04-095-20673 Dry Gas Solano County
04-095-20731 Dry Gas Solano County
04-095-20754 Dry Gas Solano County
04-101-20215 Dry Gas Sutter County
04-101-20291 Dry Gas Sutter County
04-103-00046 Dry Gas Tehama County
04-103-00049 Dry Gas Tehama County
04-103-00107 Dry Gas Tehama County
04-103-20011 Dry Gas Tehama County
04-103-20020 Dry Gas Tehama County
04-103-20021 Dry Gas Tehama County
04-103-20033 Dry Gas Tehama County
04-103-20034 Dry Gas Tehama County
04-103-20065 Dry Gas Tehama County
04-103-20080 Dry Gas Tehama County
04-103-20083 Dry Gas Tehama County
04-103-20147 Dry Gas Tehama County
04-103-20167 Dry Gas Tehama County
04-103-20179 Dry Gas Tehama County
04-103-20197 Dry Gas Tehama County
04-103-20215 Dry Gas Tehama County

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